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A little about me

Hey, I'm glad you stopped by my website! It's awesome to connect with someone who shares the same passion for exploring. I mean, you're here reading this, right? That tells me we're cut from the same cloth.

There's something truly magical about discovering new places and soaking in breathtaking views, don't you think? It's like each adventure adds a new chapter to our personal stories.

Oh, my name is Mary by the way, and I started Inquisitive Globetrotter to help others travel.

Inquisitive Globetrotter is a customized labor of love, by yours truly. It's where I spill all the beans about travel planning tips. So, get ready for some insider knowledge on how to make your wanderlust dreams a reality!
Mary's travel site
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Why I Love Travel

Travel is life-changing. It offers so many opportunities for personal growth and meaningful connections with others.

Personal growth

Travel has the remarkable power to push us outside of our comfort zones, prompting self-discovery, and expanding horizons which creates the perfect environment for personal growth through unique experiences.

Connection with Others

Meaningful travel transcends mere destination-hopping as it fosters the development of relationships through firsthand experiences or as compelling narratives shared to inspire others to embark on their own adventures.

My favorites

Tell me more!

I’m a North Carolina native, and of course, I must say that I come by my love for adventure quite naturally! Growing up in a big family on a farm with lots of woods to get lost in meant one thing: adventure was always on the agenda.

It was just after my 6th birthday when my parents moved our family out of a city neighborhood to a place with a little more space. Yes, if you were to ask my dad why he made that move, I know he would say it’s because he wanted to teach his kids a good work ethic.

What better way to grow up loving to work than on a farm requiring with lots of chores—one of which being a great deal of grass to mow? With plenty of playmates around (AKA my siblings), we were always up to something.

I pretty much grew up outside. Whether it was out at the barn with the horses, playing with my dogs, running away from the mean rooster, building forts in the woods, you name it, outdoor fun was our way of life.

I’m one of 9 kids, and I’m the youngest out of the girls in my family. I do have younger brothers, but they’re all much taller than me so I must say I definitely look up to my little brothers. Being the baby girl though with younger brothers who are all much taller than me is really like being the baby of the family. Yep, it’s a pretty sweet spot, and I am claiming it!
My parents' goal was to instill strong values of faith and family into my siblings. Mom and dad did this through regular family work days on the farm or in the evenings. It happened through family devotions of reading the Bible and learning through good books.

I think one of the things that I’m most grateful to my parents for would be their commitment to us eating meals together around the big family table! It created the foundation for strong relationships in my family because mom and dad created an opportunity for meaningful connections to happen.

My parents believed in developing a growth mindset and traveling has shown itself to me to be a fabulous teacher. Traveling not only enriches my learning experience, but it also fosters creativity and helps me see situations with fresh perspectives or from other points of view.
Travel adventures bring people together in a unique way. An adventure with a group of people allows you to spend time with others that you would never be able to have outside of that adventure. You have the waiting time in the airport or on a train, and the time at breakfast where you get to share stories and create new memories.

Traveling has done so much for me. It has taught me to be brave when I was alone. It has taught me to be resourceful. It has required me to be creative and find solutions that otherwise I wouldn’t have ever had to discover.

Traveling is a great source of joy to me. I get incredibly excited to go on an adventure. No two adventures, even to the same place, are ever the same. There is no repeat of a trip. Even if you go to the same place with the same people and do the same activities, you can never replicate a previous trip exactly.

Things change. Phases of life are just that — they’re beautiful, fleeting phases. The next time you go on that annual trip (even though you’ve been there a dozen times before), you will be different from the last time you visited, you will be a year older. You will have one more year of memories filled with both happy and joy-filled moments alone with new painful experiences that are now part of your story.

I don’t share this to cause you to be sad, but rather, as a gentle reminder that time passes regardless of how you spend it. Be sure to spend. Your most valuable asset in a way that is in alignment with your purpose in bringing the most glory to God. This reminder is for myself as well and motivates me to make the absolute most out of every moment with the people I love.  

If you stay on my sight long, you will find that I love writing, and the Inquisitive Globetrotter gives me the opportunity to get my thoughts out and not keep them all in my head. I love to share what I learn with others, and I hope that by doing so, you can find some nuggets here that will be of some use to you, fellow adventurer!This is some text inside of a div block.

Creating meaningful travel

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It's all about people

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Building Relationships

At its core, meaningful travel revolves around people. It's the opportunity to craft captivating stories and lasting memories, enriching our relationships through the shared experiences with friends and family or by recounting these tales to others once we return home.

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Align actions with values

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Values Guide behaviors

The impact of your core values on travel becomes clear through the adventures you pursue, how you budget for your journey, and the priorities you set for your exploration.

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Discover & Learn

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Education through adventure

Learning and growing through travel involves actively seeking new knowledge, insights, and experiences, transforming each journey into an educational adventure.

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Passion for Exploring

Inquisitive globetrotters are curious and eager to explore the world.

We're not just content with visiting tourist attractions. We dive deeper into different cultures, traditions, and experiences.

We ask questions, seek understanding, and embrace the adventure of travel with an open mind and a thirst for knowledge.

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