Snorkeling at Princess Cays


Snorkeling in Princess Cays offers a mesmerizing opportunity to explore the stunning underwater world of this private island paradise in the Bahamas.

Under the sea

It's a whole other world just below the surface of the water.

With its crystal-clear turquoise waters, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse marine life, Princess Cays provides an idyllic setting for snorkelers of all levels to immerse themselves in an unforgettable aquatic adventure.

As you venture into the warm and inviting waters, you'll be greeted by an array of marine treasures.

The coral reefs surrounding Princess Cays are teeming with colorful coral formations that provide shelter to a kaleidoscope of tropical fish, including parrotfish, angelfish, and sergeant majors.

I'm not super comfortable in the water so whenever I snorkel, I usually get a little panicky for the first little bit.

If you're like me, just take some deep breaths, and you will work through it! The snorkel experience is so worth it. I've never regretted it!

Rent snorkel gear

Snorkeling gear is readily available for rent on the island, allowing visitors to equip themselves with masks, snorkels, and fins to fully enjoy the marine wonderland below.

Invest in a GoPro

Investing in a GoPro for snorkeling is a decision that can elevate your underwater adventures to a whole new level of excitement and memorability.

The compact and rugged design of GoPro cameras makes them perfect companions for capturing the vibrant and captivating world beneath the surface.

With their exceptional video quality and waterproof capabilities, GoPros allow you to document your snorkeling escapades with stunning clarity, capturing the brilliant colors of marine life and the serene beauty of coral reefs.

Wear sunscreen or swim shirts

If you burn easily, be sure to wear sunscreen. The sun's rays are super strong as you're near the equator so be sure to protect against getting sunburned.

Even though you're underwater, you can still get burnt even though yuo won't realize it in the moment.

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